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Fathers Day Treats: German Pancakes and Macaroons June 17, 2012

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Happy Father’s Day!
I love German pancakes. They are so fluffy and if you let them cook a little too long, they will rise up and look really cool. We let our pancakes cook a little too long and thus, our cool picture was made. We got the pancake recipe from our friend Sherry. The pancakes are fantastic; you can top with any of your favorite toppings.
I love macaroons, coconut is so yummy. It reminds me of tropical island vacations and the beach. Our dad loves macaroons . The macaroon recipe is from the Lion House. At first, I wasn’t sure if the macaroons would turn out; however, they did turn out and they are so good! I was hoping for a comparison to the macaroons at Disneyland and I found my match which made me happy. To make the chocolate macaroons, we melted chocolate chips in the microwave, and spread the chocolate on top of the macaroons. These macaroons are so simple to make, but be warned, your hands might get a little sticky.
Sorry for the overlapping categories.


Sherry’s German Pancakes

Preheat oven to 400.

Spray a 9-13 glass pan. Put two Tbsps butter in the pan. Put the pan in the oven as it warms.

In a bowl, mix

6 eggs

1 cup flour (gluten free flour)

4 Tbsps sugar

1 cup milk

4 Tbsps melted butter

Pour the batter into the pan after the oven has reached 400 and cook for 10-15 minutes. (We topped the pancakes with banana slices).


Easy Macaroons from the Lion House

1 pint pineapple sherbet, softened (or you can use orange, raspberry, or vanilla)

1 pkg. (18¼ oz) White cake mix (gluten free)

2 tsp. Almond extract

6 cups flaked coconut

In a large mixing bowl, combine sherbet, almond extract and dry cake mix; mix well. Stir in coconut. Drop by tablespoons 2 inches apart onto greased baking sheets. Bake 350-degrees for 12-15 minutes or until edges are lightly browned. Allow to cool 5 minutes then place on a wire rack to finish cooling. The flavor of these cookies can be changed by changing the flavor of sherbet or use 1 pint vanilla ice cream for plain macaroons. Makes 3 ½ dozen. (We used Vanilla ice cream and the macaroons were delicious)!



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