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Hard Boiled Eggs April 1, 2013

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Hey guys, I hope everyone had a great Easter with lots of candy and fun. This is not a recipe; it’s a fun way to make hard boiled eggs. We tried it this year and it worked out well.
Give it a try, next time you want hard boiled eggs. (I didn’t take any pictures because it’s self explanatory).
A New Way To make Hard Boiled Eggs:
Take one mini muffin tin, ungreased. Place a dozen eggs, or how ever many you want sideways in the muffin cups.
Bake at 325 for 30 minutes. When there is five minutes left, fill a bowl or pot with ice water and put the eggs in. Let the eggs cool for about ten minutes. Don’t worry if there are brown spots, they will wash off.
Now, you are ready to store in the carton until ready to eat, or, color the eggs, if you want to make them pretty.