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Pumpkin White Chocolate Chip Cookies-Gluten Free October 2, 2015

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Hey guys! This fun version of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies was inspired by my friend Lindsay; she sits in the cubical on my right at my mission. Lindsay does not like pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with semisweet chocolate chips; she uses white chocolate chips instead. A couple weeks ago we were talking about pumpkin and fall. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies came up and Lindsay told me about her chocolate chip change. It is a little strange, but I wanted to give it a try, to see how the cookies tasted.

I used our recipe for Amy’s pumpkin chocolate chip cookies I separated the recipe in half and put ½ cup of semi sweet chocolate chips in one bowl and ½ cup of white chocolate chips in the other bowl, stirred them together by hand and put them on my cookie sheets. 

Besides the white chocolate chips I used almond flour. That was a bad idea because I did not use xanthum gum; this made everything crumble. I took the picture of the white chocolate chip cookies when I saw the batch of semi sweet chocolate cookies fall apart when I tried to take them off my cookie sheet.

I asked my friend Heidi what happened and she said I need to use xanthum gum. (This is what my parents and I thought) Neither Heidi nor I have attempted to use xanthum gum because it intimidates us. We have resolved to stick with the all purpose gluten free baking flour because it binds things well, until one of us tries the xanthem gum and figures out how much to use per recipe.

Another tip, grease your cookie sheets. This ensures the cookies will not stick.

The white chocolate chips taste like cream cheese. This is a great way to mix up regular Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. If you would like a change, give this version a try. Minus the almond flour, unless you are an expert with xanthum gum.

Thanks for the idea Lindsay it was great!
Happy Halloween!


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