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Pam’s Chocolate Chip Rice Krispy Treats October 15, 2015

Filed under: Dessert,Snacks — lewissisters @ 2:59 pm

Hi guys!

The other day my parents and I were cheering for our favorite college football team. We sit by some family friends which makes the games really fun, besides the win we had which was to close for comfort. It was very intense at the end of the game; however, I digress.

Our friend Pam let me try an amazing twist on Rice Krispy Treats. Pam said she made the Rice Krispy Treats just like normal and added big chocolate chips. I am telling you, the treats were out of this world! I never would have thought to add chocolate chips to Rice Krispy Treats, but it is an excellent addition!

Pam has a wonderful recipe:

Here is Kara’s recipe for Rice Krispy Treats:

Thanks for the clever change Pam!



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