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BBQ Ribs January 4, 2016

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Hi guys!
Welcome to another year of fabulous recipes! We would like to thank you for reading and making our food. We appreciate the likes and shares on our posts. It is fascinating to see what everyone likes.
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We have an old family favorite for this month. It is one of our favorite slow cooker meals to make; it tastes wonderful the day of an even better as leftovers. This is our own recipe for Barbecue Ribs. There are amounts on this recipe, but you can change the ingredient amounts.
We hope you have a wonderful 2016!
Barbecue Ribs

1 cup plus a little more water
8 boneless pork ribs (or more)
1 bottle BBQ sauce
Cooking spray
1. Spray a small crock pot with cooking spray. 

2. Put ribs in crock pot, season ribs with preferred seasoning, and pour water on top.

3. Cook on low 7-9 hours or on high 4-6 hours; drain water. 

4. Pour BBQ sauce on top of ribs and heat through.
Serve with sweet potatoes, baked potatoes or rice with cooked vegetables; great as leftovers.


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