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The Five Like Challenge February 12, 2016

Normally, I do not write posts like this; however, I feel like this could be a recipe for your happiness.
Yesterday when my dad and I were driving home, we heard John Legend’s “All of me” which made my dad say: “That’s a great song.” I agreed and added Colbie Caillat’s empowering song “Try”. Both songs have wonderful messages.
As the day continued I began to think about the times I compare myself to others and how it makes me feel, disappointed and the list goes on.
I was still pondering this subject as I went to bed, when an inspired thought came to me. I thought: “When you start comparing yourself to others, you need to stop. Starting tomorrow every morning you should get up and say five things you like about yourself.” I do not know why such a simple concept has never crossed my mind until now. I suppose it is because I have never thought about it for an extended period of time.
This morning, I took The Five like Challenge  and it made me feel happier. I hope everyone who reads our blog will take this challenge and start reminding yourself how wonderful you are and the amazing things you can do.
I hope The Five like Challenge becomes a routine that we fit into our day. I also hope that it brings us more self-confidence and joy.

Good luck! Remember, you are amazing!
The Lewissisters


Pasta with Mixed Vegetables February 8, 2016

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Hey everyone!

Over the weekend, I was craving one of my favorite meals. Sometimes, I crave this meal because of its simplicity. This is a quick and easy recipe for a wonderful lunch or dinner. My mom used to make it for me when I was little; I love to eat it today.

The recipe is for Pasta with cheese and mixed vegetables. This is our own recipe. All you need is your favorite kind of pasta (spaghetti, penne, etc. You can use gluten free, regular or wheat noodles). Pick your favorite cheeses to top your pasta, along with your favorite mixed vegetables, and sauce if you want. I prefer my pasta without any sauce.

Over the weekend, I had gluten free penne topped with mozzarella and parmesan cheese. I did not have any vegetables; I did not take a picture either.

Give it a try!


Pasta and Mixed Vegetables –Gluten Free!

Quantities are up to you.

Pick your favorite pasta noodle (gluten free, regular or wheat)

Mixed vegetables, any kind.

Cheeses for topping pasta

Pasta sauce, optional


  1. Cook pasta according to package directions.
  2. Cook mixed vegetables according to package directions.
  3. Assemble cheeses for topping pasta
  4. Heat up Pasta sauce, if using
    1. Put pasta on a plate and top with mixed vegetables. Top pasta and mixed vegetables with your favorite cheeses; add sauce if desired. Serve hot.