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Easy Snacks January 5, 2014

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Hey guys!
The other day I made some 30 second nachos. This inspired me to think up more quick and delicious snacks. Some are healthy and some are not, they are really obvious and simple to make. Haha! Here is what I came up with…
30 Second Nachos (inspired by our friend Tori)
Put a single layer of chips (any kind) on a microwave safe plate. Top with cheese and any other toppings. Heat uncovered for 30 seconds. Enjoy some amazing nachos.
Recently, I discovered I like cottage cheese. I asked Brooke and Kara (their recipes are in other posts) to help me come up with ideas to make cottage cheese more interesting. Here is what they came up with.
Brook said: -Eat by itself with a little pepper.
-eat with fresh sliced tomatoes salt and pepper
-mixed with salsa for chips
-dip chips or crackers into it
-just eat with a little seasoning mixed in; it can be a little bland if it’s plain.
Kara said:
-pares and cottage cheese
-applesauce and cottage cheese
-Pineapple and peaches and cottage cheese. If you have fruit and cottage cheese, mix it together.
-good in lasagna (So true)!
-salt pepper and any kind of fresh herbs or paprika
-maybe wheat thins (your favorite gluten free cracker) with a strawberry slice and cottage cheese

I love S’mores, but I do not have a fire pit and when it’s snowing, I am not venturing to the mountains just to make a s’more. In the summer, I discovered this by experimenting. If you love S’mores give this 15 Second Mini S’mores recipe a try. It should due, until you can make a real one over a campfire.
Mini Microwave S’mores
1 graham cracker, broken into two squares (gluten free)
Lots of mini chocolate chips
A few Mini marshmallows
Put mini chocolate chips on one square of graham cracker. Place mini marshmallows on top. Melt for 15 seconds. Put top on. Enjoy!
Here are some things I like to eat with nutella. I put it on bananas, pancakes, graham crackers, toast, waffles , etc.
For a quick way to make hard boiled eggs, search “Hard Boiled Eggs” in the search box, this will take you to the post.