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Lunch or Dinner Steak Quesadillas, Side salads and Create Your Own Lettuce Wraps March 16, 2015

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Hi guys!
I must tell you about an amazing dinner my dad and I ate tonight, along with my latest lunch craze of making my own lettuce wraps. The quesadilla and lettuce wrap can be served for lunch or dinner; how cool is that? The following meal suggestions are gluten free and they do not take a long time to prepare!
I did not take any pictures. (I am not big on presentation as you have seen from my previous photos. That’s probably because I am blind and honestly, the only thing I really care about is how a meal tastes, not what it looks like on the plate).
Anyways, the other night my parents and I went to a wonderful restaurant and my dad ordered a steak. The steak was big enough some of it came home as leftovers.
We decided to have quesadillas for dinner with side salads. My dad suggested we put the leftover steak in the quesadillas; the quesadillas were wonderful.
Here is how we made the quesadillas. We used our George Foreman Grill and corn tortillas:
Put one corn tortilla on the hot grill
Add a layer of grated cheese (we used a Mexican cheese blend)
Cut the steak in thin strips and lay a few strips on top of the layer of cheese
Put a little more cheese on top of the steak
Top with another tortilla
Cook until the cheese is melted and everything is heated through (be sure to check on the quesadilla so it does not burn).
Cut the quesadilla up and enjoy!
Our side salad is simple:
We use the bagged salad and top it with fruit (mandarin oranges and pineapple). Use any dressing you want, (I prefer ranch dressing on my salad).
Some other toppings I like to put on my side salads include:
Hard boiled eggs (search hard boiled eggs in the search box to find a simple recipe to make hard boiled eggs)
Grated cheddar cheese
Fruit: Black olives, strawberries, mangoes, mandarin oranges, and pineapple
Vegetables: cucumber, carrots, peas, etc.
Meats such as: ham, turkey, bacon, and chicken.
Lettuce Wraps (Make ahead and keep in the fridge)
I have no idea why it has taken me so long to figure out that making lettuce wraps is so easy; I should have been eating lettuce wraps months ago! The following is what I like to put in my lettuce wraps, but you can put anything you want in your lettuce wraps.
Take a lettuce leaf from a head of ice berg lettuce (they can break apart, it happens to me all the time)
Put a little mustard on the leaf (I like regular yellow mustard)
Add some meat (I use ham, turkey and bacon)
Top with cheese (I use any kind we have on hand)
Roll the wrap up and enjoy!
I hope these suggestions give you some inspiration for future lunches and dinners.



Grape Salad Gluten Free! March 7, 2015

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Hey guys!
Do you like grapes as much as I do? If you answered yes to this question, you will love this new recipe that turns ordinary grapes into a wonderfully sweet and crunchy mixture of happiness. Better yet, it is gluten free!
This recipe is for grape salad. The recipe comes from our cousin Amy. My sister and I did a test run of this recipe last month and it was fantastic! I love eating grapes on their own, but this recipe takes them to a whole new level of tasty.
Here are some things we learned:
First, it would be better to mix the sour cream and cream cheese with a hand mixer or stand mixer. You can mix it by hand, but it will be easier with a mixer. (I learned I have little hand and arm strength when I mix by hand, I am spoiled with my stand mixer).
Second, we could only find red grapes in the store. This was not a problem because the salad was delicious; however, we think it would be better to have green grapes for a beautiful mix of color and a slight variation of taste.
Third, if you do not use nuts (like we did) do not worry, the recipe will be marvelous without the nuts.
Fourth, make sure you top the entire bowl with lots of brown sugar. You can never have too much brown sugar, in my opinion.
Finally, let the dish sit in the fridge overnight to blend. I had some salad the first night and it was ok. Believe me when I say, the longer this recipe sits the better.
I hope you guys try this recipe, it is so easy and it will blow your mind. Amy says everyone asks for the recipe whenever she brings it to a gathering. Now, all of you can wow a crowd with this wonderful dish.
Thanks for sharing Amy!


Grape salad…………

2 lbs. green grapes
2 lbs. red grapes
4 oz. cream cheese
4 oz. sour cream
½ TBSP vanilla (1 and 1/2 tsps)

1 C. pecans
¼ C. brown sugar (or much more)

Wash & pluck grapes. In another bowl mix sour cream, cream cheese & vanilla. Stir into grapes. For topping, mix brown sugar and pecans and sprinkle over the grape salad mix.